God's World News (magazine)

Coordinator: Courtney Ward


God’s World News is a current events magazines from a Biblical perspective for all ages. There will be five print issues delivered bimonthly throughout the academic year to accompany engaging digital content, offering your children an "unplugged" experience. There are three magazines to choose from:

To get a discounted price, our family is organizing a group order that will be delivered to our home, then brought to TLC and monthly meetings for families to pick-up. Since we will miss the deadline for the first issue, we will need to pay an extra fee to back-order the first issue plus there will be some organizational costs. So, the cost for the full magazine subscription through our family will be $12.00. This is still an amazing discount since an individual subscription usually costs $25.

Sign up and payment for our group order is due by July 30, 2016**

If you have questions about God's World, please contact us at Courtney Ward