Google Group

Coordinator: TBA


This is for SCCCHE members only.


The Google Group is a community for SCCCHE members to post things related to the homeschool group. Think of it as a virtual bulletin board. You can ask about, share, and find curriculum. You can let the group know about community events pertinent to the homeschool group. You can find people looking to have a fun day at the park. You can ask questions about the way others in the group have dealt with a particular issue, or just seek general homeschooling advice.

It is not a forum. As much as we love political cartoons, comments, random stories, funny anecdotes, and other fun stuff; the Google Group is not the place for items such as those, unless of course they are related to your personal homeschool.

If you are a member of SCCCHE and aren't in the Google Group, no longer wish to receive emails notifying you of Google Group activity or see something wrong in the Google Group please e-mail Drew Harrison at .


The 2016-2017 Google group will be up and running around mid September, provided we have someone to organize this resource.  Remember, the previous year's group will be deleted.