Home-school Links

The placement of a link on the SCCCHE website does not suggest or direct support for any or all material that may be listed at that site. If any of the websites that are listed contain objectionable material please notify the SCCCHE leadership team immediately.


CHEC - Christian Home Educators Coalition of Illinois is a state organization.

CHEF - Christian Home Educators Fellowship

FOCHE - Fellowship of Christian Home Educators

ICHE - Illinois Christian Home Educators

SHARE - St Louis Homeschool Activities, Resources, and Encouragement


Here is a list of websites that has been compiled by members of the SCCCHE Leadership over the last few years.  Included are websites for, but not limited to: Special Needs, Discipleship, Audio/Video Downloads, Homeschooling Resources, Modesty sites and Recommended Magazines.  If you are familiar with a website that you feel others may benefit from, please forward that information to someone on the leadership team.