Year Book

Coordinator: Kay Waldram


2015-2016 Yearbooks are HERE!!

Please contact Kay if you have not yet collected your 2015-2016 yearbook.

2016-2017 Yearbook Information

 The 2016-2017 Yearbook theme will be "Shining Stars."

SCCCHE yearbooks are available to order now online.
The cost is $33 if purchased by May 31, 2017.

If purchased after the deadline the cost will be $35 for a few days .

The yearbooks will be available for pick up at the August SCCCHE meeting.
If you would prefer to have yours mailed then please send a check to cover USPS shipping $6.65 to Kay Waldram

We can reduce the cost of next year's yearbook by selling Ads. Please consider asking businesses and organizations to place ads in our yearbook. Each family who fills a full page with ads will receive one free yearbook. A half page of ads earns ½ off the yearbook price.

Ad Invoice
Business Ad Pricing
Family Ad Pricing


Volunteers needed to assemble pages for 2016-2017 yearbook!

We need photos for the yearbook

The yearbook is made up of your photos. If you plan on attending SCCCHE field trips or other homeschool activity, please grab your camera to take photos.

Typically we include photos of the following in the yearbook: Master's Lyceum;  SCCCHE field trips and activities; local homeschool events like Chef Ball; state-wide homeschool events like Teen Pact and Cherry Pie Day;  Clubs and Co-ops sponsored by SCCCHE or organized by SCCCHE members such as Tapestry of Grace, Scouting & Robotics or other events that two or more SCCCHE families attend; & Arrows in Flight (photos and updates about SCCCHE graduates).

You may submit digital or printed activity photos to the yearbook several ways:

  • In person
  • By Mail (Kay's address is in your directory)
  • By email to Kay Waldram or the other yearbook editors.
  • Directly to the yearbook from your computer, facebook, and other online photo accounts...this option will be available  bey October.       

2016 design website: will be available at a later date


*Please DO NOT upload your SCHOOL PORTRAITS directly to the webpage.*

Family Pages

Our yearbook includes a section for Family Pages. These are one page scrapbook pages submitted by the individual families. This is probably the best part of our Yearbook! The cost is $5 made payable to SCCCHE.   You may cut & paste your page onto an 11" x 8.5" paper or you may complete it digitally (online or in your own digital scrapbook program).

SUBMISSION: Please turn the "board" pages in during or before the May Meeting . The 1st yearbook proof submission is TBA therefore items turned in during the June meeting won't make it into the yearbook.  

FAMILY PHOTOS:  We would like to use Family Portraits for the divider page for this section.  If you have a current photo to share, please send it to Kay or upload it to the family portrait folder on the yearbook website.  THANKS!

SIGN-UP AVAILABLE SOON!!  Go to (this link will be available soon). This should take you to the page which says St. Clair County Christian Home Educators 2016-17 Yearbook.

  • Enter your username and password.
  • There are many tutorials to choose from -or-
  • for a quick start, click the DESIGN tab.  A new page should come up. 
  • Under the edline button click go back to design pages -or- under the design tab choose design people pages.
  • Go straight to your page(s) by scrolling through the ladder on the left until you find the page with your name.
  • Your design aids are on the right (templates, text, etc.)  Backgrounds are located under resources.
  • Remember:  this yearbook is in color!  I suggest using muted background, a single color, or black and white backgrounds.
  • To upload photos just choose the photo tab. (NOTE: you can upload straight from Picasso & Facebook)
  • Under "Choose Yearbook" category please pick the folder with your name or the event name to store your photos.  Specify the number of photos or use the multi-photo upload button.
  • Be sure to save your work by clicking on the disk icon! (NOTE: Save Template just saves your layout as a template.)


Arrows in Flight

This is a section where families may submit updates about their SCCCHE homeschool graduates .

WHAT TO SUBMIT: Photo , name, high school graduation year, parent names, and information about your adult  homeschool graduate such as marriage plans, career info, children, and how they have cured cancer, etc.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  by the May Meeting.

****Please DO NOT upload your portraits directly to the webpage.**** 


Graduating Seniors

We would like senior volunteers to assemble the Senior Yearbook pages on the website. The senior page editor/staff will receive one free yearbook. Please contact Kay Waldram if you are interested.

Graduating Homeschool Seniors may submit their information for the Senior pages even if they are not participating in the SCCCHE Graduation Ceremony.

Please submit the following:

  • Student Name - as you would like it to appear
  • Senior Photo
  • Preschool Photo
  • Favorite Verse
  • Homeschool Name

If you cannot submit this infomation by the Febuary Meeting, please contact Kay so a spot on the page may be saved for you. See below for photo submission information.

We need senior volunteers to assemble the Senior Yearbook pages online.  

Ken Carden is now accepting bookings for senior pictures!!

If you haven't already had your senior pictures taken, you need to book them now.  
Even if you don't want them taken in this heat, call and get your appointment on the calendar for this fall before the schedule gets booked up.  
Remember, the deadline comes early to have your picture turned in to the yearbook.  
Don't put this off! Get your appointment for senior pictures scheduled!  You'll be glad to have it done and out of the way.

****Please DO NOT upload your portraits directly to the webpage.**** 


In the past Ken Carden has volunteered to photograph the graduation ceremony.  If you are able to schedule him again this year, he usually shares the photos with the yearbook at no charge. What a super great guy!!!!    If Ken is unable to take the photos this year, please work out submission to the yearbook with the photographer and let Kay know the details.


We would like to include the graduation announcements on a title page for the senior photos section. Please submit those to Kay Waldram or the Senior Pages Editor prior to graduation.


Submitting School Portraits to the Yearbook

Parents please ask your photographer to send your child's/children's school photos in for our yearbook.  You may take your own school portraits.

The first half of the yearbook MUST be layed out by MARCH . School portraits turned in during or later than the APRIL meeting MIGHT NOT make it into the yearbook.

EASIEST WAY!  Most photographers are willing to send digital copies for yearbook use. When possible, Digital copies need to be named with last name ( and first name when there is more than one sibling) and grade or age like (WaldramDrew12g.jpeg) or (WaldramDrew17y.jpeg) The digital copies should be 300 to 600 dpi. 

E-mail them to Kay Waldram.

If digital copies are not available then please send printed photos to:

SCCCHE Yearbook
c/o Kay Waldram
her address is in your directory

You can pick these up during the summer or fall.  A 4x5 size photo scans better than a wallet size.  Be sure to include your child's name and grade level.


The first half of the yearbook SHOULD be layed out by MARCH . School portraits turned in during or later than the APRIL meeting MIGHT NOT make it into the yearbook.

If you do not have your child's photo yet, please confirm your child's name and grade level with Kay so a spot can be saved for your child's photo on the appropriate page until you can send the portraits in.

****Please DO NOT upload your SCHOOL PORTRAITS directly to the webpage.****   


Photographers Serving Homeschoolers

Please schedule your children’s school photos at your earliest convenience. You may choose any photographer for submission to the yearbook, however the following have graciously supported our Yearbook with advertisements and/or homeschool discounts:

  • Carden Portraits 401-6050 - Carden is now accepting bookings for Senior Pictures!
  • Capture Photography 920-1590
  • Portrait Innovations 624-1111
  • John Locus 345-2005

If you schedule a sitting, please be sure to mention you are homeschooling and saw their ads in our yearbook and flyer!

Capture Photography (8.5 MB)

Carden Photography (external)

John Locus Photography (0.1 MB)

If homeschool discount days are scheduled - information will be posted.


Yearbook Cover Contest

Yearbook Cover Design Contest

The 2015-2016 Yearbook cover was created by Andrew Rahm.


If your child is interested in entering the design contest for the 2016-2017 yearbook cover,  the 2016-2017 yearbook theme is Shining Stars:

Phil 2:12-17 & Gen 15:5 & Psalm 147:4 & Matt 5:14 .

Stars, Lights, Solar System, Outer Space, etc

 Do all things without complaining and disputing, 15 that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world,16 holding fast the word of life . Phil 2:14-16 NKJV

14 Do everything without grumbling or arguing, 15 so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of Godwithout fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky 16 as you hold firmly to the word of life. Phil 2:14-16 NIV 



Submission  should be done by a SCCCHE student - any age.  

The winning entry for the yearbook cover will receive one free yearbook!
Remaining entries will be used inside the yearbook as backgrounds for pages and ads.

Luke Swenson submitted the winning  entry for the  2014-2015 yearbook.
John Boyle submitted the winning entry for the 2013-1014 yearbook.

SIZE: It must be  17-3/8" x 11"  when printed. 

or 8.5 x11" for back 

& 3/8"x11" for the spine 

& 8.5"x11" for front

There must not be ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS along the outside .5" printed border because that area is subject to trimming. PLEASE BE SURE YOU LEAVE half an inch all the way around the 17-3/8" x 11" design WITHOUT text of a major aspect of your design.

NAME: The beginning of the student’s name needs to be located 1"x1" above the lower left corner on the back.

LAYOUT: The left side (8.5 x11") of your design will appear on the yearbook’s back cover. 

The right side (8.5 x11") of your design will appear on the yearbook’s front cover.       

The center (3/8"x11") of your design will appear on the yearbook’s spine .          

The front of your design must include “ S.C.C.C.H.E. " & “ 2016-2017" or  “St. Clair County Christian Home Educators” & "2016-2017", depending upon your design.

COLOR: Your  design may use any colors.

MEDIA: Your design may be done on paper or digitally.
It may be a photo, pencil, paint, textured paper, crayon, marker, ink or  computer aided design.
It must be original to you; no copyrighted images.

If it is done on paper,  I will need to scan it using my computer. In order to fit on the scanner and be the correct size, it must be a maximum of 11" x 7" or be submitted in three separate pieces: 8.5 x11" & 3/8"x11" & 8.5"x11" (for back & spine & front) . Remember no ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS along the outside 0.5" borders of the 17-3/8" x 11" design because that area is subject to trimming.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE - December  2016 Meeting 

To see previous yearbook covers please click on these links:

Yearbook Orders:

The cost is TBA. 

You may reduce your yearbook cost by obtaining yearbook ads.

Order deadline is TBA.

Look for YEARBOOK updates throughout the year.

If you need to mail submissions to Kay, please send them to:

SCCCHE Yearbook
c/o Kay Waldram
(her address is listed in your directory)

If you have any yearbook related questions, please contact Kay Waldram.