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Our co-op group, The Limited Co-op (TLC) meets

on certain Fridays - 10 in the Spring, 10 in the Fall.

Classes usually begin mid-late August, and Late January, and run

from 8:30 - 11:30, with orchestra at noon.  TLC has a separate website

and registration, but you must be a member of SCCCHE to register for TLC.


Orchestra, TLC Choir, and TLC Singers are available only as classes

during the TLC Co-Op.  Separate registration is required on the TLC website.

There is a combined concert at the end of each TLC season (Nov and Apr).

The SCCCHE Choir is for grades K-6. 

     There is a nominal cost to cover music and supplies.

     Directed by Nancy Peterson.

The TLC Singers is for grades 7-12.

     There is a nominal cost to cover music and supplies.

     Directed by Nancy Peterson.

The Orchestra is open to both SCCCHE and non-SCCCHE in grades 2 - adult.

     Cost is $20/student ($40/family) per semester.

     Directed by Kirk Clayton

Private lessons are also available through several SCCCHE members:

     Click HERE for a list of teachers.

DRAMA classes for grades 8 - 12 are at TLC. 

TROUPERS classes for grades 3-8 are also at TLC.


Additional classes are held in homes or churches on varying topics.  Class sizes may be limited and costs may be involved.


 We offer a high school graduation ceremony for all SCCCHE graduating seniors.

The coordinators this year are not yet chosen.

The graduation date is usually in late May.


We produce an annual yearbook for the group with the help of many volunteers.  Families can submit 'family pages' and graduating seniors are also allowed a page.  There are photos of all kinds of group activities including Masters Lyceum, TLC, field trips, TeenPact, Cherry Pie Day, Scouting, Robotics, Concerts, Carnival, and many other things.

Photos may be submitted to Lori Hubble by mail, email, or directly to a specified website.

There is also an annual yearbook cover design contest.  The winner receives a free yearbook.

Yearbook price varies based on number of ads sold.  

More yearbook info found HERE.


For Home Educators who would like additional help and advice in certain areas or are new to the whole process and need some assistance, we have a mentoring program.  Perhaps you need help with educating in high school, or with special needs children, or dealing with toddlers or aging parents.  We have mentors who have been down those roads who are happy to help share their advice and insight. 


Every month we send out an E-newsletter to all members with important upcoming events and an encouraging message from the leadership.  Click HERE for the newsletter page.

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