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SCCCHE Picnic!

WHO??  All SCCCHE members 


WHAT??  Fun, Food and Fellowship - play outdoor games, ride your bike/scooter/rollerskates, play in the smaller or larger playground, sit and chat, spend the day


WHERE??  Scheve Park in Mascoutah, IL. Pavillion #3. Park on WEST HARNETT ST


WHEN??  May 25th Saturday at 11:00 am-?


WHY??  Meet the newer folks you haven't met yet, catch up with those you haven't chatted with in a while, allow our children to just PLAY with one another 


HOW??  Pack n' load your things, park on West Harnett St at Scheve Park, choose a table to share under Pavillion #3, get settled in


BRING WHAT???  Your own food and drinks/cups (iced water jug will be available), outdoor games to play n' share, lawn chairs, picnic blankets, your own seasoned / prepared meat to grill by our Grillmen, no hurry to leave


JOBS TO FILL: ( type in your name and reply "to all")

1. Grillman #1 - 

2. Grillman #2 - 

3. someone to bring grilling tools and donate aluminum foil - 

4- a setup helpers to arrive at 10:30 - 


A Heads Up: our neighboring pavillions are occupied, we may have to share the lawn and playground, we may hear neighboring music (I don't know).


GOT QUESTIONS?? Ask. I'll answer or find the answer 




Living by grace,
Wanda Collazo 

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