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You may submit digital or printed activity photos to the SCCCHE yearbook several ways:
1. In person
2. By Mail (Kay's address is in your directory)
3. By email to Kay W or the other yearbook editors. See below for Digital Submission.
4. Directly to the yearbook* from your computer, facebook, and other online photo accounts...this option will be available beginning in October. *do not choose this option for submitting grade level portraits* 


You may quickly upload photos by choosing the light blue LINK button on the Yearbook Homepage. Choose the photo folder that fits your photo's category or MISC folder.
To begin designing your page you'll need to log in using the green button on the Yearbook Homepage. The password is available by sending an email (with YEARBOOK PASSWORD as the heading) to Kay Waldram

DIGITAL SUBMISSION EASIEST WAY! Most photographers are willing to send digital copies for yearbook use. When possible, Digital copies need to be named with last name ( and first name when there is more than one sibling) and grade like (WollerDavid12g.jpeg) . The digital copies should be 300 to 600 dpi. 

E-mail them to Kay W.
Printed photos can be picked up with the yearbook. 
A 4x5 size photo scans better than a wallet size. 
Be sure to include your child's name and grade level.

*Please DO NOT upload your SCHOOL PORTRAITS directly to the webpage.* 

To Design your Family or Activity Page
Enter your username and password. If you do not have one yet, send Kay an email.
There are many tutorials to choose from -or-
for a quick start, click the DESIGN tab. A new page should come up. 
Under the edline button click go back to design pages -or- under the design tab choose design people pages.
Go straight to your page(s) by scrolling through the ladder on the left until you find the page with your name.
Your design aids are on the right (templates, text, etc.) Backgrounds are located on the left.

To upload photos just choose the photo tab. (NOTE: you can upload straight from Picasso & Facebook)

Under "Choose Folder" category please pick the folder with your name or the event name to store your photos. Specify the number of photos or use the multi-photo upload button.
Be sure to save your work by clicking on the disk icon! It is a good idea to lock your individual photos before saving and leaving your page.
(NOTE: Save Template just saves your layout as a template.)

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