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The Pen Illustration – Design, Function, and Purpose


Everything in the universe has a design, function, and a purpose. Take a ballpoint pen for example.


          The design is essentially 'what it looks like.' Color, shape, size, etc.


          The function is essentially 'what it does.' It puts ink on paper, it clips to your pocket, it retracts

          to keep from writing on what you don't want to write on, it may have advertising on it, etc.


          The purpose is essentially 'the reason it exists.' Someone wanted a simple way to put ink on

          paper for drawing and communication. They wanted it simple, inexpensive, and convenient.


Look at the chair. The chair has a design (color, shape, size) and there are different styles of chairs with different functions (rock, swivel, roller wheels, recline, etc), all made for different purposes.


The wall has paint on it. Paint comes in different colors and sheens. Some is interior, some exterior, some is made for water, some for drywall, etc. They are all made that way for different purposes.


Everything in the universe has these characteristics. Design, Function, and Purpose. Everything!


What's yours?


Your design is that you have 2 arms, 2 legs, a brain, other organs, a size and shape, etc.


Your function is that you can move, communicate, lift, build, think, create, (destroy), help, make music (or not!), procreate, etc.


So what is your purpose? It's not your job. You're not put on this earth to be a plumber or accountant. It's not your activities. You're not put on this earth to go surfing or play golf. It's not even to have a family and perpetuate the species, although that's getting closer.


Look back at DFP again. It starts with Purpose. Someone wanted a raised platform so they wouldn't have to eat off the floor. They reasoned they could build a smaller elevated floor with corner legs to make a table. They had a certain function in mind which was rooted in the purpose for which the table was created. Once the function is determined then you go to the design. Wood, metal, or plastic? Fancy or simple? Sturdy or fragile? Purpose determines Function and Design.


A pen is long and skinny with a pointed end. It looks like a nail. Try pounding it through a piece of wood. You will break the pen and may even damage the wood. The pen MUST be used for it's intended purpose or it will fail to function properly and may be ruined.


Many people are destroying their lives by their actions, misusing their functions for other purposes and/or wandering about aimlessly looking for purpose and meaning in their lives. They try drugs, sex, hedonism (living for pleasure), money, power, fame, and even 'good deeds'. They never find satisfaction in what they do because they miss their purpose in life, and the overwhelming majority of people die in this condition.


Who determined the DFP of the pen? It was not the pen. The pen has no choice. The creator of the pen is the one who determined it all. That should give an insight into what your own purpose may be.

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