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SCCCHE Yearbook   



If your child is interested in entering the design contest for the 2020-2021 yearbook cover,  

the  yearbook theme will be will be “Fearless .”

 “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you,

I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Isaiah 41:10


Cover Contest

Open to  SCCCHE students of any age.  Judging will be based on how well it follows the guidelines and represents the theme and our group.  Winning entry will have their design on the yearbook cover and will receive one free yearbook.  If your child is interested in entering the design contest for the yearbook cover, contact Lori Hubble at or the Yearbook Team.




SCCCHE Yearbook Cover Contest Rules 


(last chance to turn your Yearbook Cover design in, following the guidelines below )

Use your skills and imagination to create a yearbook cover based on the theme. 


Submission should be done by a current SCCCHE student - any age. 

The cover will be judged on how well it follows the guidelines and represents the theme and SCCCHE.

The winning entry for the yearbook cover will receive one free yearbook! 

Remaining entries will be used inside the yearbook as backgrounds for pages and ads.


SIZE: Finished size of the cover is  17-3/8" x 11", 

however the printed size must be a maximum of 11" x 7" Landscape.

or cut into three pieces:

8.5 x11" for back   &   3/8"x11" for the spine   &   8.5"x11" for front  .

This is necessary so that the finished work can fit on the scanner.


There must not be ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS along the outside 0.5"  border because that area is subject to trimming by the yearbook company. PLEASE BE SURE YOU LEAVE half an inch all the way around the 17-3/8" x 11" design WITHOUT text or any major aspect of your design.


NAME: The beginning of the student’s name needs to be located 1"x1" above the lower left corner on the back.



Printed size of the cover is  17-3/8" x 11"

The left side (8.5 x11") of your design will appear on the yearbook’s back cover. 

The right side (8.5 x11") of your design will appear on the yearbook’s front cover. 

The center (3/8"x11") of your design will appear on the yearbook’s spine . 

The front of your design must include “ SCCCHE " & “ 2019-2020"  


COLOR: Your design may use any colors you choose.


MEDIA: Your design may be done on paper or digitally.  

It may be a photo, pencil, paint, textured paper, chalk, crayon, marker, ink or computer aided design. 

Be sure your submission is dry. Glitter or Metallic colors won't copy correctly. 


DESIGN: It must be original to you; no copyrighted images.

If it is done on paper,  we will need to scan it. 

In order to fit on the scanner and be the correct size, it must be a maximum of 11" x 7" landscape or be submitted in three separate pieces: 8.5 x11" & 3/8"x11" & 8.5"x11" (for back & spine & front).

Remember, no ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS along the outside 0.5" borders of your design because that area is subject to trimming.


Thank you,

Lori Hubble


The yearbook price will be set as soon as the page numbers are set (approx $30) 

depending on the number of ads sold. We can reduce the cost of the yearbook by selling ads. Please consider asking businesses and organizations to place ads in our yearbook. Each family who fills a full page with ads will receive one free yearbook. A half page of ads earns ½ off the yearbook price.  

You may purchase your yearbook online here:

beginning in November. 


The more ads you sell, the cheaper the yearbook is for everyone.  

Deadline is the last day of SCCCHE.

SCCCHE Yearbook Ads


Family Pages

Probably the best part of our yearbook, these are one page scrapbook pages submitted by the individual families. The fee is $5 (make checks out to SCCCHE).

You may put your photo collage on a "board" (cut & paste your page onto an 11" x 8.5" paper) or you may complete it digitally on the yearbook website or in your own digital scrapbook program.

SUBMISSION: Please turn the hand assembled “cut & paste” pages in on the last day of TLC or deliver them to the yearbook team as soon as possible. Digital pages are due May 31st.   

To begin designing your page you'll need to log in using the green button on the Yearbook Homepage. 


FAMILY PHOTOS:  We would like to use Family Portraits for the divider page for this section.  If you have a current photo to share, please upload it to the family pages folder on the yearbook website.  

We would especially appreciate family photos that follow the theme: Seasons.

There is no fee for turning in photos for this divider page.


School Portraits & Photographers

The yearbook is made up of your photos.  

Please schedule your children’s school photos at your earliest convenience. You may take your own photos or choose any photographer for submission to the yearbook.

Most photographers are willing to send digital copies for yearbook use. If humanly possible, digital copies of school portraits need to be named with last name, first name and grade; for example WollerDavid12g.jpeg . The digital copies should be 300 to 600 dpi. 

SCCCHE member Ken Carden will schedule yearbook sittings at no charge during the Fall Sccche meetings as an option for your school year portraits - more info to come.


Theme Photos

The Yearbook needs photos matching the chosen theme : Seasons. We will use them for backgrounds on several of the pages.  If you have photos fitting that theme, please upload them to the yearbook photo folder named 0 Theme Photos.


Arrows in Flight

This is a section where families may submit updates about their homeschool graduates.


WHAT TO SUBMIT: Photo, name, high school graduation year, parent names, and information about your adult homeschool graduate such as marriage plans, career info, children, and how they have cured cancer, etc.



Submitting Activity Photos to the Yearbook

The SCCCHE Yearbook will include photos from classes held during SCCCHE Summer Events 2019, Fall 2019 semester and Spring 2020 semester as well as any SCCCHE special events and activities.

Sign up and the Yearbook Team  will send yearbook access to you - see the flyer on the table

You may submit digital or printed activity photos to the SCCCHE yearbook several ways:

1. In person

2. By Mail - 112 Dale Ave Collinsville IL 62234

3. By email to Kay Waldram or the other yearbook team members.  

4. Directly to the yearbook* from your computer, facebook, and other online photo accounts.

  *do not choose this option for submitting grade level portraits* 

DIGITAL SUBMISSION EASIEST WAY!   Choose the photo folder that fits your photo's category or MISC folder.   Use the User ID and password assigned to you.

If you do not have a USER ID, please send an email to Kay W or Lori H.

​ *do not choose this option for submitting grade level portraits* 




SCCCHE Modesty Guidelines apply to Yearbook Photos


Graduating Seniors

We would like senior volunteers to assemble the Senior Yearbook pages on the website.   

Please contact  Lori H , The Yearbook Team or Kay W if you are interested.


Graduating Homeschool Seniors may submit their information for the Senior pages even if they are not participating in the SCCCHE Graduation Ceremony. 

Please submit the following:

Student Name - as you would like it to appear

Senior Photo

Toddler or Baby Photo

Favorite Verse

Homeschool Name

If you cannot submit this information by  February 28th, 

please contact the Yearbook Team so a spot on the page may be saved for you.

****Please DO NOT upload these portraits directly to the webpage.****


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