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SCCCHE By-laws



The St. Clair County Christian Home Educators Support Group was organized in May of 1989.




The purpose of the group is to promote the Christian faith and to facilitate support to Christian parents who are, or will be teaching their children at home. Monthly meetings provide opportunities for networking with other Christian parents who also teach their children at home.




The organization shall be a representative type of government composed of the elected officials (See X).




Amendments to the Bylaws will be by a majority vote (See VI). Proposed amendments will be approved by the Leadership Team and announced to the group membership one month prior to vote. The requirement that members subscribe to the Statement of Faith shall at no time be considered for amendment.




A. Marriage – It is non-negotiable that marriage is the union between a man and a woman, both being birthed in those genders, under God and law, monogamous, sexually exclusive, the morally legitimate context for raising children, and permanent. Civil Unions are not recognized as equivalent to marriage.


B. SCCCHE Emeritus – Registered SCCCHE members that have homeschooled for at least five years, were members of SCCCHE for at least one of those five years, and whose children are all graduated from the High School level. Exempt from dues.




A. For elections, the ballot is made up of nominees who meet the qualifications for elected positions (See IX).


B. Simple majority of the attending full members (or their absentee ballot) is required.


C. There will be one vote per family membership.


D. Elections, amendments and proposals will be administered by ballot.


E. Motions will be approved by a show of hands.


F. Elections of officers to be held at the May meeting, or nearest convenient meeting or time.




A. Family Membership – Has filled out the registration form, paid the annual dues and signed the Statement of Faith. Registration is completed only at monthly meetings; forms may be submitted by a family representative.


1. They will receive a Member’s Information Packet.


2. They may attend any group- sponsored activities and use any services that the group offers.


3. They may discuss and vote on any motion (one vote per family).


4. They may make motions after being recognized by the chair.


5. They may accept a committee position, an advisory position or an elected position. See sections IX, X, XII and XIII. St. Clair County Christian Home Educators Support Group Bylaws (2012 Revision 2)


B. A membership directory is furnished to every member family. It includes names of the parents, address, phone number, email address, and curriculum used. This is privileged information for the sole purpose of group business. It is not to be given out or used for any other purpose.


C.  (library no longer operable)


D. Information on our present homeschool legal rights and any new legislation relevant to homeschooling is provided.


E. Opportunities are provided for our children of all ages to interact with others, who are being taught at home, through planned activities.


F. The group may sponsor chapters of Christian-based nationally recognized groups, i.e. Boy Scouts.


1. A description of the sponsored group should be prepared and made available to membership.


2. The sponsored group should be open to all members.


3. A coordinator should be chosen by the sponsored group to represent them at the meetings.


G. The SCCCHE Leadership Team has a right and responsibility to act on behalf of the group, which is a private organization, to accept or reject requests for membership in St. Clair County Christian Home Educators as well as requests for participation in group-sponsored activities.




Annual membership dues are proposed by the treasurer and approved by the members of leadership. The dues are annual covering September through August to be paid at the time of registration. Dues may be waived based on need; approved by leadership. Dues will be prorated for individuals joining after the January meeting. The payment of dues does not create any right, entitlement or obligation enforceable against the group or any member, officer or agent. Dues are not refundable under any circumstances. Funds are distributed as determined by the budget.


A. Budgeted Expenses


1. Activities for the group, e.g. field day, recognition ceremonies, library, and conferences.


2. Operating expenses, e.g. copies, insurance, postage, nursery, facility use.


3. Guest Speakers.


B. All other expense items must be approved by leadership in conjunction with budget projections.


C. Any funds remaining at the end of the year will remain in the treasury.




A. Two years of teaching in the home environment is recommended.


B. Must have spouse’s approval.


C. Be willing to work hard and attend scheduled leadership meetings.


D. Be a member of the SCCCHE Support Group for at least 1 year, and are either currently homeschooling or retired from homeschooling as defined in section V. B.


E. Be willing to work with incumbent coordinators to facilitate transition of leadership.


F. Register a signed Statement of Faith, phone number and address with the Illinois Christian Home Educators.


G. Coordinators and Co-Coordinators will be married couples (See V. A.); will have been members of the SCCCHE group for at least two years; and will have served on SCCCHE leadership for at least 1 year.


H. Emeritus members may serve on leadership in any role, provided that no more than 5 of the 11 positions are filled by Emeritus.




A. Group Coordinators


1. Direct the monthly meeting.


2. Contact and follow-up on any guest speakers.


3. Make every attempt to attend the annual leadership conference.


4. Prepare an agenda for the monthly meetings.


5. Maintain the group files. Keep historical files for at least five years.


6. Schedule and direct leadership meetings.


7. Ensure the bylaws are adhered to and kept current.


B. Co-Coordinators


1. Direct the monthly meeting and the leadership meetings in the absence of the Coordinators.


2. Assist the Coordinators in arranging for guest speakers.


3. Make every attempt to attend the annual leadership conference.


4. Prepare an agenda for the monthly meeting as required.


5. Determine needed Committee Positions and enlist volunteers.


C. Treasurer


1. Must collect dues and pay group bills e.g. insurance premiums and incorporation fees.


2. Makes motions that pertain to unallocated funds.


3. Formulates a proposed budget based upon the past history and group records.


4. Mails out Treasurer Reports to members who request with a self -addressed stamped envelope.


5. Distributes the funds as outlined in the approved budget.


6. Maintains the group checking account, which may not be closed without approval of the group.


7. Files annual federal and state tax forms for the group as required.


8. Files annual corporation report in a timely manner.


9. Keeps financial historical records for at least five years. Passes records on to the next treasurer.


10. Chairs monthly meetings in the absence of the group coordinators and co-coordinators.


D. Secretary


1. Takes minutes at the monthly meetings and the leadership meetings. This may be delegated. Must include: Leaders Present (See IX.C) and Business Conducted.


2. Mails out minutes to those who request with a self-addressed stamped envelope.


3. Prepares new member packets and brings them to the monthly meetings.


4. Documents updates to group bylaws, policy letters, and forms.


5. Establishes and maintains member database. Ensures updates are provided to the Leadership Team in a timely manner.


6. Files the annual ICHE Statement of Faith, signed by all Leadership Team Members, in a timely manner.


7. Publishes and distributes the annual membership directory.


8. Keeps administrative historical records for at least five years. Passes records on to the next secretary.


E. Newsletter Coordinator


1. Publishes a monthly newsletter in a timely manner.

2. Edits submissions to meet space availability.


3. Distributes the newsletter to membership and provides extra copies for new members/visitors.


4. Emails the newsletter to the Website/Email Coordinator in a timely fashion each month.


F. Educational Event Coordinator


1. Acts as the liaison between SCCCHE and the organizations sponsoring the events.


2. Enlists event coordinators and provides them with needed information.


3. Ensures that activities and event details are communicated to the Newsletter Coordinator and Website/Email Coordinator in a timely fashion each month.


G. Physical Education Coordinator


1. Determines what physical fitness activities are wanted by the group.


2. Acts as liaison between SCCCHE and facilities providing the P.E. activities.

3. Ensures that activities are communicated to the Newsletter Coordinator and the Website/Email Coordinator in a timely fashion each month.


H.  Music Coordinator


1. Coordinates musical groups, activities and programs.


2. Collects and distributes money, if necessary, for participation in music related activities. This may be delegated.


3. Ensures that activities are communicated to the Newsletter Coordinator and the Website/Email Coordinator in a timely fashion each month.


I. Field Trip Coordinator


1. Ensures that there is at least seven activities planned each year, appropriate for any age group.


2. Collects any fees in advance of activities.


3. Ensures that activities are communicated to the Newsletter Coordinator and the Website/Email Coordinator in a timely fashion each month.


J. Emeritus Advisor


1. Meets established requirements of SCCCHE Emeritus. See V.B.


2. Advises the leadership team on decisions pertinent to the group.


3. May serve as overseers to major events, e.g. graduation & conferences.


4. Attends all leadership meetings and also monthly meetings as needed.




A. The term of office is for one year beginning with the June meeting. Only one office may be held at a time, except for temporary service to cover the responsibilities of a vacant position.


B. Resignation for any reason is acceptable, but a notice of two months is requested.


C. If any elected person fails to attend two consecutive monthly support group meetings or leadership meetings without sending a proxy or contacting the coordinators or co-coordinators, he/she may be replaced.


D. Term of office will expire if the member of leadership ceases to homeschool except for SCCCHE Emeritus (See V.B).




These positions are determined by the elected officers and are identified in the bylaws. Because of the unique nature of these positions, they are not filled by the election process. The person(s) filling these positions serve in an advisory capacity to the elected officers and are not voting members of the leadership team.


A. Facility Coordinator


1. Represents SCCCHE in requesting and scheduling use of the primary church facility for the monthly meetings, educational events, and other group-sponsored events taking place at the primary church facility. NOTE: Primary church facility is defined as the church used for the monthly meetings. The Facility Coordinator is responsible for the primary church facility only.


2. Ensures the facility is open for set-up and secured at the close of the meeting/event. 3. Establishes a plan and/or a schedule for set-up and clean-up of the facility.


B. Website/Email Coordinator


1. Maintains the website with the most current information available on group membership, group activities, contact persons, meeting dates, time and location, legal alerts and newsletter information.


2. Ensures the annual website fees are included in the group budget and paid in a timely manner.


3. Maintains the email address book for the group. Sends out all notices of alert, changes or reminders that pertain to the whole group. (Excludes legislative alerts from HSLDA and CHEC.)



Set up as needed by the Co-coordinators. The Committee Positions include, but are not limited to:


A. HSLDA Coordinator


B. Greeters for monthly meetings


C. Veteran homeschoolers to assist in orienting new homeschoolers


D. Reading Incentive Programs


E. School Photo Coordinator


F. Testing Coordinator


G. Yearbook Coordinator


H. Child Care Coordinator


I. Legislative Issues


J. Graduation Coordinator


Any member, regardless of experience or length of membership, may serve in a committee position. Because SCCCHE is a self-help group, all members are asked to be willing to serve in some capacities throughout the year.




A. The library will be auctioned off at a silent auction and all proceeds placed in the treasury.


B. The treasurer will pay any outstanding bills and distribute the remaining dues to one or more entities recognized as tax exempt under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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