Aug 13, 7:00 – Registration/kickoff

          First, register HERE.  Then come to the meeting.


Sept 10, 7:00 – Ice Cream Social

          Bring your favorite toppings to share.  Come meet

          new people and make friends.


October – (no meeting)


November 12, 7:00 – Talent Show / Craft Fair

          Share your talent of music, acting, juggling, or whatever
          Then come buy or sell your crafts at the craft fair


December - (no meeting)


Jan 21, 6:00 – International Potluck

          Pick a country, prepare a display, bring food to share.


Feb 11, 7:00 – Guest Speaker / Kids valentine party

          Retired Pastor S. M. Davis

          The ever-popular Valentine's Day Party for the kids!


March - (no meeting)


April – (no meeting)

May 13, 7:00 – Curriculum Sale

          Come to buy or sell your curriculum (and a bit of non-curriculum stuff)


June 10, 6:00 – Carnival

          Food, games, snacks, prizes, carriage rides, bounce houses, frisbee, fun!

Locations/Times/Dates are subject to change!  Please read your newsletter or visit this website before each meeting.