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Curious about home education, or just starting your journey?

Here are some useful things to know.

What's it all about?  What are the benefits?  Why do people do it?

                                       Article: Why We Home-Educate

How do I switch from public school to homeschool?  What are the laws?

                                        In Illinois, you only need to send a letter to the school and inform them that you will be

                                        switching to home education.    You DO NOT need to submit anything else to anyone else,

                                        nor have any kind of inspections or anything.  Legal Link

Where do I get books, curricula, and other resources?  I have a limited income.

                                        Rainbow Resource has just about everything you could want, and operators can help you with advice.

                                        Individual publishers often have booths and discounts at conventions such as GHC

                                        Public libraries have good resources, and you can get additional resources through interlibrary loan.

                                        Used curricula can be found online, in local bookstores, or from other homeschoolers.  Here is where

                                        a homeschool group or co-op can be most useful.

Are there other groups in the St. Louis metro-east area?

Are there State or National Homeschool groups?

                                        HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) is an excellent group.

                                        Membership discount available through SCCCHE.

                                        ICHE - Illinois Christian Home Educators

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